Taylor is all about confession, encouraging audiences to be open and honest about what they’re going through. In his comedy he'll laugh about his first kiss and the time he ripped his shirt off during worship. Every show ends with the gospel where Taylor is just as honest. He often shares about his struggle with depression and how close he came to taking his own life. Even though Taylor grew up in church he was always too scared to talk to anyone about his issues. He thought he was the only one dealing with this and that no one would understand.

Our culture is desperate for authenticity. Taylor is passionate about sharing the gospel and communicating that there's nothing you need to hide from Jesus. He's our high priest who can sympathize (Hebrews 4:15).

Taylor not only taught my students it’s ok to laugh in church, it also showed them how important they are in God’s story and how to share their own.
— Cameron Ward Campus Pastor of Crossroads Community Church in Chicago, IL