In 2008 Taylor performed at his first comedy open mic.

In 2012 Taylor released his first comedy album, Don't Panic.

In 2015 Taylor bought the minivan he currently sleeps in as he performs across the country.

In 2016 Taylor went on his first house show tour, performing in the homes of complete strangers.

In 2017 Taylor partnered with Ministry Pass to make a free sermon resource


Taylor often talks about his own struggle with depression and suicide as a major inspiration for his approach to comedy. Thinking he was the only one in his church dealing with this, he kept it to a secret, too ashamed to admit what was going on. It wasn't until someone else "fought through the awkwardness" and talked about their own struggle that Taylor felt like he wasn't alone and could finally talk about his own problems. Now Taylor's comedy is all about "fighting through the awkwardness" to let audiences know they're not the only one.

It's been nine years since Taylor first took the stage and tried his hand at stand-up. He has evolved and matured into a fantastic storyteller, not only able to share his owns tories but also get hilarious stories from the audience through his unique crowd work.