I love doing comedy but what I love even more is using laughter as a way to bring down walls and defenses so we can talk about tough issues. You can't laugh at something and be afraid of it at the same time. That's something I learned from watching how my father bravely deals with his Alzheimer's diagnosis. If we can laugh about something, we can talk about it.

I've been doing stand-up for 10 years now. My performance and material is always changing and evolving. I tell true embarrassing stories from my life, I get the audience involve with ridiculous crowd interactions, and I always end with a message.

Confession is a big topic for me because it's something that was missing from my life for a long time. I grew up in church but I always too scared to tell anyone about my depression or thoughts of suicide. I just pushed those feelings down and tried to hide them. It was killing me inside. Finally, someone in my life created the space I needed to feel like I could safely open up about what was going on. It changed everything. Big greatest goal is to create that same feeling at the end of my shows.




“Taylor Johnson not only taught my students it’s ok to laugh in church, it also showed them how important they are in God’s story and how to share their own."

Cameron Ward, Campus pastor of Crossroads Community Church in Chicago, IL


"I have used Taylor for many events, from my company Christmas party to church events and even house shows. His comedy keeps people bent over in laughter but his message is always relevant and goes straight to the heart."

Chris Fleniken, CEO of Real Graphics in Lufkin, TX


"Taylor Johnson creates a unique atmosphere for students and adults to either find Jesus or grow closer to Him through his hilarious comedy mixed with strong anointing. I have personally witnessed Taylor pursue students that do not know Christ and spend lots of time talking with them, which shows his powerful passion to connect with every person in the room."

Kyle Embry, North Texas Youth Alive director


"Taylor's unique style of ministry is driven by a heart for God and desire to encourage believers and reach lost people. His utilization of comedy and drama is refreshing and it also enables him to reach individuals who their guards up against more traditional approaches to ministry."

Dr. Kermit Bridges, president of Southwestern Assembly of God University in Waxahachie, TX