A Spiritual Exercise from Curt Thompson

I’m waiting for my copy of Curt Thompson’s Anatomy of the Soul to show up in my mailbox.

Last week my friend Cameron sent me a Q Talk from Andy Crouch called Overcoming Our Greatest Affliction. In it Crouch references Thompson and I love the quote he gives.


“Our deepest drama is that we are looking for a face that is looking for us.”


I had to find out who Curt Thompson was and read something from him. Turns out I had several of his books on my To Read list already.

I also found the lovely video I shared above while looking around for more info about Thompson. The spiritual exercise he walks through is so simple and sweet. It’s not big or weird or self important. It’s such a lovely little way we can remind ourselves of how God is with us and what he thinks of us.

I can’t wait to read more from him.