A Week of Shows in Michigan Turns Into a Big Dumb Adventure

At the beginning of May I had a week of house shows and services in Michigan.

I drove up there. My friend Isaac came and lived in my van with me the whole trip. During this adventure I burnt my foot trying to make fudge, tried new material on stage, went down a 10 story slide, had a really bad time in Chicago, and ate the best pizza in Missouri.

If any of that sounds interesting to you, I’VE GOT GREAT NEWS! I documented the whole trip in a series of very silly Youtube videos. I’m really proud of this dumb thing.

I wanted to make it feel like you’re experiencing the trip with us. There are ongoing storylines you follow from video to video. It’s like a season of a very cheap TV show about a comedian in his van. You can binge watch the whole thing.

Here’s a playlist of everything

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