Braces or Buried Treasure?

In Jr High everyone was getting braces and it was weird. You remember that? Remember when your friend first got braces and they looked absolutely crazy? Sure, for the most part their face was pretty much how it always looked, but at the same time they were totally different. They had robot smiles. They suddenly had a lisp. Everything didn't fit right when they closed their mouths because A MAN HAD ATTACHED METAL THEIR TEETH! Anyways. Your friend got braces and it was weird to look at them. But over time you got used to it, remember? It wasn't this new and different thing. Their smile didn't even phase you. You forgot all about their braces. It's like you didn't see them anymore.

Remember when everyone started going through puberty? That was awkward. I remember there was one boy who hit puberty, like, a whole year before everyone else did. He came back to school after a summer of "bodily changes" and we were terrified of him. Fuzzy mustache?! Darth Vader voice?! What happened to Ed?!

Then everyone else started going through puberty. And then finally I went through puberty. Yup. I was a late bloomer. Come to think of it, I might still be blooming. A few years ago a lady at my home church came up to me and said "I remember when you were so little. We all thought you would never go through puberty!" Thanks, lady.

It was so weird when your friend's voice dropped, they started growing facial hair (ladies, too), they grew several inches, and started smelling a lot worse. But then you got used to it. You didn't even think about it anymore. That's just who they were.

We come across things in our lives and they're only new/exciting/interesting/worth paying attention for only a short time. We get used to it.

Remember when you first found out about Jesus? Remember when your heart first exploded with love for the gospel? And you would have done anything for Christ? Remember that one youth camp where you made all of those insane plans about what you would do/give up for Christ? Then what happened?

Some times we just "get used to" being a Christian. We can become numb. The whole thing can become ordinary. Just another part of my every day life. Is that how it should be?

In Matthew 13:44 Jesus says "The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field."

When we first learn of the Gospel this is absolutely how we view it. But maybe we should check in every once in a while. Reread that verse and ask ourselves "is that still how I see salvation and the gospel? Is it still as exciting as BURIED TREASURE!?"

Take a moment now and evaluate where the gospel is in your life. Buried treasure or braces?