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Learning how to podcast


I’ve been slowly working on a podcast idea I’ve had for almost a year. This came in the mail today. Because I ordered it. Obviously. It wasn’t some random coincidence where a FedEx truck blew up in front of my house and a bunch of audio equipment Baja blasted through my window.

I’m interviewing a pastor on Thursday for this project. Nervous. Hope I don’t screw this up. It’s kind of “you’ve got one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted...” those are Eminem lyrics. I’m living Eminem lyrics.

Out on a Wire is a great book I read in January about how podcasts like This American Life and Radio Lab put their stories together. It was full of so much great advice I need to put to use now.

The Turnaround is a podcast all about interviewing , hosted Jesse Thorne. I should probably listen back to that too. There’s a lot to learn.

But the only way to get better is to make more. So that’s what I’m going to do. 

What You Like vs What You Make


I’ve wanted to have a podcast for a really long time. And I've tried to make one. Several times. Believe me. There a lot of failed pilot episodes sitting on my hard drive. I’d have an idea, give it shot, realize it wasn’t what I wanted it to be, not know how to fix it, and THEN MOVE ON.

I listen to podcasts more than I listen to music. I love em. Can’t get enough. I know what a truly great podcast can be and so it’s hard for me when what I’m making isn’t as good as the stuff I love.

Right now I’m working on a podcast idea I’ve had for almost a year. I recorded an interview for the first episode back in January but I’ve been too scared to listen back. TODAY IS THE DAY!

I’m going back to this video of Ira Glass giving the best advice and hopefully it’ll encourage me to keep going. Because it IS super frustrating when there's such a huge difference between the quality of the stuff you like and the stuff you make.


"It’s take a while. It’s going to take you a while. It’s normal to take a while and you just have to fight your way through that."