Comedy For Any Kind of Night

There's this great big wonderful stand-up comedy show on November 23rd. I want everyone to know about it. I also want everyone to know you can make any kind of "night" out of attending a show like this! It's great for any mood or occasion.  

Make COMEDY & THE REST ON NOV. 23 a ____________ night.


Guy's night

Go out with your bro's, buds, uh, man-dudes? I don't know what your friends call each other. Whatever. Hang out with them at this show. It's been forever since you've all seen each other, right? Probably because what's-his-name got back together with that one chick. She's really changed him. AM I RIGHT!? I don't know what I'm talking about.


Girl's Night

Everything I said in the above paragraph but about girls.


Date night

It's cheap and you guys already saw Thor 2. You're running out of date ideas. This is unique! And maybe your significant other will laugh so hard they'll forget they asked you to go home with them for Thanksgiving. I totally understand. I wouldn't want to go either. Their family IS really weird. And you're totally right about Uncle Jeff. That guy is a weirdo.


Find a Date night

You're single. There will be other single people at the show. Why not show up ready to put the moves on someone. AM I RIGHT?!?! If you need help in that department you can attend my new seminar, Trick Her Into Thinking You're Not As Creepy As You Really Are.


Dumped Night

Recently dumped? You already threw your engagement ring into a river and watched that really depressing break-up episode of Boy Meets World? Get out of the house! Forget the ex and come laugh!


Break-up Night

Need to break up with someone and don't know how to do it? Do it at a comedy show! I know it sounds like an awful idea but I'm sure it won't be that bad.


Family night

Bring your whole family out! Except for any babies…or animals. Leave those at home. Don't worry, the animals can take care of the babies. I saw it on TLC.


Laughter is a very nice thing, indeed.


Attend the show as a celebration for something great that's recently happened (new job, new relationship, you just beat GTAV)!


Maybe life sucks right now. You've got nothing to celebrate. A night of laughter can always be a a wonderful distraction. It can lift the weight of whatever has you down (lost your job, lost a loved one, you hate being an adult, you're terrified of the future, gluten allergy, you still can't get over the fact that Ben Affleck is Batman, etc).


Join us in Waxahachie on November 23.

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P.S. If it's too far away, why not plan a comedy night at your church in 2014?