Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

I feel like it’s getting harder and harder to find escapism on the internet. Your real life is stressful and chaotic so you turn to your phone for a brief moment away from the problems of the world but I don’t know if I’m really finding it anymore.

I’m running into a few problems:

  1. I don’t have a set time limit for my escapism so I end up sitting on the toilet for 10 minutes completely distracted by the one and only game on my phone.

  2. Everywhere I turn on the internet is covered in anger and bad news.

It’s not like I’m wanting to escape reality forever but it nice to take a step out of it to take a deep breath and collect your thoughts.

That’s what videos like DO NOTHING FOR 2 MINUTES are for. There’s a time limit. It’s just a still image with forest sounds. You can stare at it and let your brain drift off until the video is over. It’s perfect.

Things are getting crazy out there. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed it’s ok to do nothing for 2 minutes.