Don Rickles and Bad Advice

Don Rickles passed away last month. He was a legendary comedian. Some of you only know him as the voice of Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story but I promise he’s so much more.

I had no idea Jimmy Kimmel was close to Don Rickles until I saw his very moving tribute the day Rickles passed. His whole monologue was dedicated to Rickles, filled with some really great stories. You should watch the whole thing. It ends with a montage of some of his best moments on the show.

But there’s one line Jimmy Kimmel said that really hit me. It’s one of the finest compliments you could ever give someone.

“He gave me advice, and good advice, not the advice people give you just to hear themselves give you advice.”

I want someone to say that about me.

I want to be someone you COULD say that about. I know I don’t always live up to that. Some times I don’t just give advice, I yell it. I need to learn how to stay calm during every social interaction.

When I argue with someone I I sound like someone has a knife pointed at my face. That’s the intensity. It doesn’t matter what it is we’re arguing about, I still sound like I’m trying to defend myself in a knife fight.

Friend: “That movie was dumb.” 

I don’t always yell. Some times I just give other people advice that’s really just for me. It’s the advice I’m too chicken to apply to my own life so instead I just throw it at others. The whole time I’m saying it I’m thinking “do you hear yourself right now? This about you, not them. Chill! NO ONE HAS A KNIFE ON YOU!”

Every once in a while something comes out of my mouth that surprises even me. In a good way. I say something that I know I’m not smart enough to think of on my own.

If only there was some way I could guarantee I’m the kind of person who knew when to say the right thing. If only there was some way I could have more love, peace, patience, kindness, and self control. The problems I just described would be totally solved if those things overflowed out of me. If only there was some way to make that happen. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…

P.S. I was talking about the Fruit of the Spirit, obviously. Those are things that come naturally out of you the more you walk in the Spirit. It's not like you force yourself to be more loving or patient. The more you walk with God, and the closer you get, the more you start to act like Him. That's all I gotta do.