Don't Pursue Peace


Viktor Frankl on happiness:


Happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue.


He compares it to humor. If you want someone to laugh you don’t just command it. “LAUGH! NOW!” Instead you give them something to laugh about. You make a joke.

The same is true for happiness. You don’t just scream “BE HAPPY!” you give them something to be happy about. Pursue something worthwhile and you’ll find happiness along the way.

Some times I think we get screwed up because we think the way we stop worrying and having anxiety is by telling ourselves that the Bible says “don’t do it.” As if that’s all it takes.

“The Bible says not to do this so I can’t do this. STOP IT!”

But passages about worrying and anxiety are more than that. They tell us WHY we shouldn’t worry. God is in control.

Instead of trying to force ourselves to have peace, we need to pursue something (or someone) who gives us peace.

I’m feeling anxious. Are there any reasons why I shouldn’t feel this way?


God takes care of birds and grass and he loves me so much more than grass so I know he’ll take care of me. God will never leave me or forsake me. God is in control. I can go to God and cast all my fears on Him. He wants me to lean on Him.