Favorite Youtube Video of All Time

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Here is one of my favorite youtube videos of all time.

It's a man singing and smoking in the shower.

If I had to make a list of the times I've laughed the hardest in my life, this video would be toward the top.

Watch it once. Then we'll go into an intense break down of what is happening in this clip. It's only 25 seconds long but I've watched it over a thousand times so I've got a lot to say.

1. Why is he filming himself shower?

2. Why does he keep the soap beard? Why doesn’t he rinse that off?

3. He’s only saying ‘lalala” but I’m sure he has an accent. Where is he from? Is this kind of behavior normal there?

4. His face is super red from belting out those “la la la”s. He’s giving it his all.

5. Why is this shower so big? Where is this? This isn’t his home, right? Is he at the gym? Who let him set up the recording equipment?!

6. How long do you think he’s been in there? I like to imagine it’s been 2 hours.

7. Who smokes in the shower?!

8. When did he light the cigarette? How long has he been smoking it? Where is he putting it when he’s not smoking? What if he has an assistant kneeling off camera holding it for him? What a terrible job to have.

9. One of my favorite things in this world is this moment after he takes a puff on the cigarette where he goes into a trance. This dude becomes hypnotized or something. I describe it as the moment he sees the face off God. Go watch it again a few times and just focus on that moment. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO HIM IN THAT MOMENT?!

10. Have I ever been this happy? I don’t know.

Smoking Shower Man's Moment of Pure Joy

11. Watch it one more time and try to pause it at the exact moment he goes into the trance. Stare at him for a few minutes. Look into his soul. Laugh so hard you throw up.

12. Watch it a few more times. Try to sing along.

13. And then the moment where snaps out of it is so good. He’s off in outer space and it’s like he remembers how much he loves this song so he comes back to earth. There’s a “oh yeah!” look on his face and he bobs his head back to the music.

I’m telling you, if you watch this for half an hour with a friend you will lose your mind. You will go insane with laughter. You’ll forget real words and only speak in “la la la”s and you’ll feel so alive. It’s the best. Laughing at something so dumb on repeat is the best.

I hate how much I love this video.

What did you notice while watching? What's your favorite part?