Feeling Good


Feeling good. Not stressed at all.

Whenever I get really frustrated about something suddenly I’m so much more sensitive to every little annoyance in my life. All the things I could easily brush off are now ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARES because my bad mood is ruining my perspective.

Thats what happened to me today. It took a while to calm down. I knew it was important I find something to chill me out because I had to do standup at a Christmas dinner. I don’t think “on edge and ready to snap” is a good look for me. I’m not the type of comedian who can pull it off.

First I recognized that I was feeling frustrated and admitted to how it was affecting my attitude all day. I complained loudly to someone I trust. And then I listened to Andrew WK because his music is so positive and wonderful, I know it can always put me in a good mood.

The picture is from another time I was feeling the same way. I didn’t do that whole step by step to get through it. I just grabbed that dog as it walked by and squeezed it real tight for a while. That seemed to work too.

Also, I promise I’m wearing shorts in that picture. Don’t get too distracted by my thick legs, you weirdo.