Galoskowsky's Three Year Anniversary


Last week marked the three year anniversary of my first ever GALOSKOWSKY show. The whole idea behind it was that I wanted to create a live show filled with stand-up, skits, live music, and any other wonderful thing to be performed in churches.

My pitch was this: so many young Christians live a boring sheltered life (speaking from personal experience). They can't go see movies with their friends because the movies are rated R. They can't go see concerts because they're happening in bars. They can't go hang out because all of their friends are going to parties with drinking and other dumb ideas. So they just have to sit around and wait for their youth group to go bowling or something (again I say…from experience I speak).

I wanted to create something worth seeing. I wanted to create something unique. I didn't want to be like so much "Christian entertainment" that was merely a knock-off of whatever was popular in the rest of the world.

My home church in San Antonio, Victory Assembly of God, was nice enough to host our first ever show. I performed stand-up. My friend Mike joined me for a few incredibly stupid skits. Our musical guests were the always wonderful Tyler and Stephanie Martin. It was a lot of fun.

This is a promo video I made for that first Galoskowsky show. I forced my friend Casey to eat one of those disgusting KFC Double Downs. This still makes me laugh really hard.

After that first performance we traveled to a few other churches and independent comedy clubs around Texas. The show evolved over time.

Now I travel alone doing stand-up but the goal is still the same. Some times when you're growing up in a Christian environment you need someone to say "SEE?! FOLLOWING JESUS DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO BE BORING!" I often end my stand-up shows with a quiet moment to remind the audience the beauty and power of the gospel. Those are some of my favorite times on stage.

It's crazy to think that the first big show I put together all on my own was three years ago. I love looking back over these past few years and seeing God open some doors and close others. I can see His plan so clearly in the rear view mirror. Now when I look out at the future it is completely unknown. But in 3 more years I'll look back and see God's plan just as clearly. And that leads me to trust and lean on Him.

Leaning on God is a great place to be.