Gary Gulman is Full of Wisdom

There are several great things in this clip of the wonderful Gary Gulman on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

First, Gulman talks about doing stand-up for high school kids. He says it was great training for being a comedian because they could be a tough crowd. Yes. Yes. Absolutely. I speak in school assemblies. I do comedy for 9th graders. Some times you feel like the funniest human being alive, and other days (like yesterday) you feel like human garbage.

Second, Seth brings up Gary’s daily comedy writing tips on Twitter. These are always incredible. I’m so grateful he’s doing this. Now that my book is finished and out I want to start working on new stand-up (I’m tired of my jokes). His tweets have been so helpful.

I know I said there were “several great things” about the clip, but I guess I just meant two.