4 Great Books for Summer Reading

Summer time is here.

I can tell because I live in Texas and we're at that point in the year where my back is covered in sweat 24/7. Hooray!

Summer is the perfect time to pick a great new book. Some of you are looking for a book you can take to the beach so you can read and relax in the sun. I, on the other hand, need a good book so I can have an excuse to never go outside.

Here are 4 books I love that I can recommend this summer. If you're interested in getting any of these books, make sure you use the link I provide! Any time you purchase something at Amazin through my link, it supports me and what I'm doing. Hooray again!


Lost at Sea by Jon Ronson

Jon Ronson writes these really funny, quick, absurd essays about his experiences with some of the strangest parts of our culture. He interviews the Insane Clown Posse about how they’re secretly Christian and their entire music career is covert evangelism (this is 100% true). He goes on a cruise that is geared towards fans of a celebrity psychic and things get real weird. It’s FASCINATING. It’s really funny. I loved this book.



Dangerous Wonder by Mike Yaconelli

It’s light and easy but also really challenges you to grow your walk with Christ. If you’ve ever heard Garland Owensby preach, there’s a chance you’ve heard him quote this book. If you liked my post about Wonder Woman then I think you’re really going to like this book. The author wants to really get it into your head that Christianity is bigger, messier, and more exciting than we think it is.



Sick in the Head by Judd Apatow

Judd Apatow has been interviewing comedians since he was a teenager. Literally. When he was in high school he wanted to learn how to get into comedy so he just called up agents and mangers, told them he’s from a radio station (leaving out the part where it’s a high school radio station) and he wanted to get an interview with Jerry Seinfeld or whoever. Somehow it worked and it wasn’t until teenage Apatow showed up for the interview that the comedian realize that they had been duped.

Sick in the Head is a collection of interviews Apatow has done over the years with a wide range of comedians. You can read conversations he had as a teenager with Seinfeld or more recent interviews with Stephen Colbert or Chris Rock. There are so many comedians and comedy writers. Adam Sandler, Jay Leno, Louis C.K., Jon Stewart, Martin Short, Mel Brooks, Seth Rogen, AND A TON MORE.



The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Either you graduated years and years ago or you’re on summer break. The point is, you’re not in school right now so why not try again with this book?! Come on. Please? Now you’re not reading it because you have to but because you WANT to. That changed everything for me. I was finally able to realize it’s a great book. Because it is. In school I didn't even try to read this thing. I just lied and said I did and told everyone I hated it. But once I gave it a real shot I was like "dang, why didn't anyone tell me this thing was so good?!"



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