God Makes it Happen

Around this time last year I was completely lost. I remember sitting with a group of friends during a time of prayer and they asked me if I had any prayer requests. I told them that I was freaking out because I knew what God had called me to do but I had no idea how I was going to get there. I wanted to travel and speak/preach/teach/"give-talks"/whatever-you call-it but I was clueless as to how one gets started. Do I just annoy all of my youth pastor friends until they can't take it anymore and give my a Wednesday night? Tried that. Didn't work. Do I….actually that was the only idea I had. So I wanted my friends to pray for me. I wanted God to take care of everything. And guess what? It's a year later. I preached at a youth camp. I did that. For real. And it wasn't a train wreck. How in the world did I get that "gig" (I hate calling it that)? I'm still not sure how the whole thing happened.

God called me to do something. God made it happen.

It's hard to be at peace with that idea. It's hard not to compare yourself to others and turn Christianity into a competition. I used to have a huge problem with that (I probably still do). Did you know Woody Allen started writing in show business at the age of 17?! I used to think about that and get so frustrated. 17?! What am I doing with my life?!?!?

In the Bible, did David do a lot self-promotion and networking in order to become king? No. God called him to do something. God made it happen.

God called me. God will make it happen.

God makes it happen at different times for different people AND in different ways. You can't copy someone else's spiritual journey. And you can't rush your own.

Calm down (I'm talking to you and myself). Be at peace!

Oh, and if you're a youth pastor, can I come speak at your church? Please? Please? Please?*


*This is a joke. See? I'm being ironic because….I'm sure you don't need me to explain it.