Heckled By Mom

A few years ago I traveled with a live show called Galoskowsky. It was a mix of comedians, skits, and great music. We went all around Texas performing in churches and improv theatres. I'd love to travel with it again but that is beside the point. At one Galoskowsky show at Westover Hills in San Antonio, TX, I was to close out the night. My plan was to transition from "funny ha ha" material into a short devotional to make everything spiritual and nice and end things with Jesus. Some times that transition can be difficult. What makes it harder is when your own mother heckles you.

Let me explain what happened. At the start of the night I sang the "Galoskowsky Theme Song" where the major theme was that everything was going to be alright. I had the audience say "GALOSKOWSKY!" with me when it got to that point of the song. My mom was just trying to do a call back. It was just at the worst time possible.


I still travel doing stand-up and preaching for churches. I just make sure my mom's not in the audience. When I recorded my stand-up album last year (it's still on sale on iTunes) I found my mom and said "please don't yell anything out." She replied, "I would never do that!" But you did once, mom. You did once.

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