Japan's Answer to Loneliness

Conan’s travel episodes are always incredible.

He just went to Japan where he tried out the VERY REAL SERVICE available there where you can rent a family. That’s real.

We have a loneliness epidemic across the world and Japan is tackling the issue in some really weird ways (weird to me). You can pay $80 for a visit to a cuddle cafe where some random stranger will cuddle with you for an hour. Women can pay over $100 for dinner at a host club where a male host is paid to make conversation, entertain, and just give you attention. They’re not a prostitute. They’re not a stripper. Nothing sexual happens. It’s just human contact with no strings attached. You pay for your time and then there’s no mess and no fuss when it’s over.

We love quick solutions, short cuts, and life hacks. Real change takes time. It happens little by little. It’s easy to trick ourselves into thinking that treating the surface level problem is enough but there’s no way that can last. We need real connection, real intimacy, real vulnerability if we want to cure our loneliness. It’s not for sale.

But if I’m being honest, I’d pay for a cool japanese grandpa to hang out with for an afternoon.