Joke Writing Tips


Comedian Gary Gulman has been sharing a new joke writing tip every day on Twitter. It’s cool to watch a ton of comedians commenting on how great they are.

When I first started doing comedy I was OBSESSED with any and every interview with a comedian I liked because I really wanted to hear about their process. How do they write jokes? How does it change over time?

If you’re interested in that stuff to then you should check out Jerry Seinfeld’s documentary COMEDIAN and the podcast GOOD ONE.

Here are some of my favorite joke writing tips so far this year:

I don’t know why I never thought of this. I have several jokes I’m really tired of saying so I need to do this SOON.

My stand-up pet peeve is when people say “right?” at the end of the set up. It’s like they’re not confident that they explained it well enough.

There’s a comedian I love who has an album I can’t listen to anymore because it feels like he says “right?” every other sentence.

Comedy is influential. I love that.