Learning how to podcast


I’ve been slowly working on a podcast idea I’ve had for almost a year. This came in the mail today. Because I ordered it. Obviously. It wasn’t some random coincidence where a FedEx truck blew up in front of my house and a bunch of audio equipment Baja blasted through my window.

I’m interviewing a pastor on Thursday for this project. Nervous. Hope I don’t screw this up. It’s kind of “you’ve got one shot...one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted...” those are Eminem lyrics. I’m living Eminem lyrics.

Out on a Wire is a great book I read in January about how podcasts like This American Life and Radio Lab put their stories together. It was full of so much great advice I need to put to use now.

The Turnaround is a podcast all about interviewing , hosted Jesse Thorne. I should probably listen back to that too. There’s a lot to learn.

But the only way to get better is to make more. So that’s what I’m going to do.