Looking Back

Leading up to this month I shared a couple memories from my last 10 years of performing as a comedian. I wanted to look back on where I came from before looking ahead at WHAT’S NEXT.

Right now what’s next is creating resources on confession that can reach far beyond my live shows. In order to do that I need your support. That’s why I have my Patreon.

But here are a few moments from over the years that were a big deal for me.

While putting this post together I realized I had one more memory I never shared. This is dumb and not a big deal to anyone else except me.

perform with a puppet.png

In college I became the director and head writer of a sketch comedy show the school put on twice a year. Since I was in charge I finally got make a lifelong dream a reality: I hosted the whole show with a puppet sidekick. It was a moment of pure joy. Look at that puppet. Look at the pure joy oozing out of me. He was my best friend.