My History with Livestream Shows

4 years ago when I was still a youth pastor I would invite my friends to hang out in my church office late at night so we could put on a really silly livestream comedy show. Tomorrow night I’m going to try to recreate that.

It all started with my friend Seth bored out of his mind on a long road trip. I came up with the idea of livestreaming from my laptop with him on speakerphone so members of the audience could ask him for advice. There was no real plan. We just wanted to make each other laugh. It was kinda-sorta “successful” (however you want to define that).

But we had fun doing it so we decided to try to do something like that again.


For this show we would be in the same room, we’d come up with ideas for bits, we’d bring in special guests, and we’d give it a name: PIZZA NIGHT. My office wasn’t that big but we were able to cram me and Seth in one corner and our friend Dani and her keyboard in another. she was the house band for the show. Any time we needed to transition between bits I’d swivel the laptop around to face her so she could play a musical interlude. It was a very high tech show.


I think we did a show every night of finals week. Our audience kept growing and our ideas got dumber. We introduced a character that was just devil puppet I found in the church storage. We called him Gary Nacogdoches and he was my best friend.

It was all very silly. None of us took it seriously. No one was trying to make a career out of it or get famous by being on the internet and I think that’s what made it so enjoyable.

Seth and I tried to do other livestream shows over the years. We tried watching the X-Files together but we couldn’t figure out the logistics.

At one point we tried to do Pizza Night season 2 but I don’t like talking about that. We only had one person tune and I was incredibly embarrassed. Pizza Night season 2 was a failure and I would like to apologize to everyone involved.


Tuesday night I’m hosting a comedy livestream for the first time in years. I’m older, wiser, and better prepared. I’ve got some really dumb ideas for what we can all do together during the show. I’m also really excited for these pre-recorded bits I’ll play throughout. Some are from me and some were made by friends (and Pizza Night alumni).

NEW CARlivestream.png
Seth Sings FireworkLIVESTREAM.png
Derek LaughLIVESTREAM.png
tour of schertzLivestream.png

One of the rewards for supporting my Patreon is access to an exclusive monthly livestream. Since this is my first one I thought I’d open it up to the general public so everyone can get an idea of what they can get every month.

I’m praying it’s good and that people watch. I’m praying it’s more like Pizza Night season 1 and NOTHING LIKE SEASON 2.

We’ll see.