New Free Video Series | How to Lead a Culture of Confession

My biggest passion in my comedy and preaching is confession. We need to be open and honest about what’s going on in our lives.

Paul says in Galatians that we need to bear each other’s burdens but how can we bear someone’s burden if we don’t know what it is?

I’ve created a free video series to train church leaders on how to be the type of leader that people will feel comfortable opening up to.

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This is for pastors, small group leaders, volunteers, or church members who just want to be a good friend to the people in their lives.

HOW TO LEAD A CULTURE OF CONFESSION is a free 4 day video series.

Sign up with your email address and for the next 4 days you’ll receive a new video in your inbox every morning. They’re short, simple, but challenging.

Start today and walk through the steps that will let your church know that you’re a leader they can be honest with.


It’s easy. It’s free. It can make a huge impact.

Watch it on your own while sitting on the toilet (they’re short videos) or go through the series with your ministry team. You’ll end up having some incredible discussions.