Nov. 23 is a Very Special Day

There are a lot of things happening November 23. Bill Cosby is releasing his first stand-up special in 30 years on Comedy Central that day. Day of the Doctor, the big 50th anniversary Doctor Who special airs. I'm sure there's other stuff too. The new Hunger Games movie debuts the night before. Good lord. Now that I look at the calendar THERE ARE A LOT OF THINGS HAPPENING. Oh well.

The reason I bring up Saturday November 23rd is because that's the date of a great big live stand-up show in Waxahachie, TX. I will be performing along with comedian Garland Owensby and a few other special guests.

Tickets are only $5. That's really cheap.

Even though there might be a lot of things happening on that night please consider the fact that all the things I listed are happening on a screen. This stand-up show is live. It's real people really right in front of you. A movie is the same every time you watch it but this show can never be duplicated. This experience is once and never again. And it's only $5.

The show begins at 8 pm and will be at my church, House of Hope Assembly of God. I'm trying to invite everyone: youth groups, college students, strangers, and the rest. If you're anywhere in the DFW area, why not come?

I believe in the power of word of mouth. If you're reading this and you've enjoyed one of our Waxahachie shows in the past, PLEASE share this with others. Bring your whole family. Bring someone else's family but lie and say it's your own. I don't care who you bring. But bring them all.

It's going to be something special.