Performances are Better Live [video]

The beauty of live performance (as a performer or as an audience member) is getting to be a part of something that will never happen again. Ever. In the world. In the universe. It won't even happen in an alternate universe. If there are any. You can't duplicate it! "No man ever steps in the same river twice." A greek philosopher said that! And it's true about live shows.

I'd like to share with you a few great examples of the beauty of live performance. This is not a list. These are not ranked. I'm not Buzzfeed. I'm not the rest of the internet.

It'll Never Happen Again!

Bill Cosby was just on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. It's such a great appearance because it goes off the rails immediately. The majority of Cosby's segment is spent on the floor. You can tell he doesn't give a rip about doing a "normal talk show appearance." He's too old for that. He takes the show where he wants and Jimmy is more than willing to tag along. It's unexpected and a really fun segment. Also, Cosby comes across as a crazy person.


In 1998 the remaining members of the groundbreaking comedy group Monty Python came together to receive some sort of award. The only deceased member, Graham Chapman, still made an appearance…well…his urn full of ashes made an appearance. Is this clip a little dark? Yeah. Graham Chapman is really dead. For real. And it's sad. But this is still hilarious. And it's the perfect Monty Python way of allowing Chapman to steal the show.


There's Nothing Like Being There

Steve Aoki is a guy who is popular in music today. What does he do? What kind of music does he perform? I don't know. I think he's a dj? I also don't know how old he is. He could be 45 or 20. I'm really bad with age. All you need to know about him is that he's known for throwing cakes at people during his concerts. AND HIS FANS LOVE IT SO MUCH. Everyone wants a cake thrown at their face. Now that's an interesting and unique live experience!



And finally I'll share a video of the hardcore band, The Chariot. I'm not a die hard fan of this band or the style of music but I love watching footage of their live shows because they are terrifying and insane. You never know what someone is going to climb, or throw, or break, or when someone is going to fly at you. It seems so dangerous. But I'm sure everyone remembers the experience.



What I'm trying to say is this show on Saturday is going to be a mix of all of these.

HA! I wish.

Come this Saturday to a live comedy show. It'll have stand-up, musicians, and maybe some unexpected moments.

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