Prank Idea

RedVelvetCake1 Here is a great prank idea:

You give someone a cake filled with laxatives. They eat it. Science takes over and causes them to need the restroom immediately. It's an emergency and so they are running through their house because it just can't wait. This is when they discover that every single toilet in their house is filled with gold fish. Like, the real fish…not the cracker. Now they're faced with a terrifying dilemma! Do they risk holding it long enough to scoop all of the fish out of the toilet bowl? Or do they yell "forget it" and just KILL THE FISH!??!

Think about it! Think of the panic on their face when they lift the toilet seat and see all of those innocent and unsuspecting fish. They're just swimming in that clear clean water. Meanwhile Cake Farts is just standing there about to explode. What do they do? What would YOU do?

It's not just a great prank. It's a great moral puzzle…or something. It's like SAW, I guess. I don't know.

A week after I came up with this prank a group of people tried to pull it on me. Except without the goldfish. Just the poop cake. I caught on before eating any, though. They presented me with the cake and I needed a way to get out of there without seeming rude. There was a 5% chance I was wrong and these people legitimately wanted to bake me a cake. I texted a friend "call my phone to get me out of here." He did. I answered. "Oh, Seth needs me. I got to go" I said as I awkwardly walked out of the house.

"Friends don't let friends poop their pants." That's what I tweeted that night. Why am I telling you this? I don't know. Have a good night.