Read This Blog (not mine)


My friend Cameron Combs, pictured here pretending he knows how to read, has finally made his blog public. I made an impassioned plea a few months ago for him to start one because he is one of the smartest and most well read men I know. For a while there the blog was a secret. He was just testing the waters to see if he’d actually enjoy it. But now the secret is out.

And you have to go read it.

Up until Cameron started his, the only blog I consistently read was Austin Kleon. He posts every day (and he has good reasons for doing it) and his weekly newsletter is a big influence on mine.

But now I’ve got a strong thoughtful Christian with a blog worth following.

Every time I finish one of Cameron’s posts I feel excited about my relationship with Christ.

Read his post JESUS AND ISRAEL and tell me you don’t feel the same.