Rick Rubin Says a lot of Really Smart Things


A few weeks ago I was on the road listening to a podcast that was so inspiring I had to keep pulling over to take notes. I’m so glad I got to hear this Rick Rubin interview. Rick Rubin is a music producer who looks like a homeless man and cult leader gave birth to Duck Dynasty. He’s worked with everybody in ever genre. Kanye West, Black Sabbath, and Johnny Cash to a small few on a very large list.


I’ve always been fascinated by Rick Rubin. He looks insane, he’s one of the most respected producers out there, and he’s apparently a big WWE fan because I’ve seen him in the background of a few Wrestlmanias.


I just listened to an interview with him that had so much wisdom in it I’m surprised I didn't have to pay $3000 to hear it. It was so motivating and inspiring. You’ve got to listen to it. It’s an episode of The Tim Ferriss Podcast. 

Here are a few of my favorite things that he talked about.

Self doubt, ego, and competition will kill creativity.


The only person you should be competing with is yourself. If everyday you had the goal of writing a better song [or whatever creative thing you’re doing] than the one you wrote yesterday, you’re going to be motivated to make some really great stuff.


Don’t think so much! Art comes from the heart and the brain is only supposed to come in later to organize what the heart threw up.


When we focus on whether something we’re making is going to be successful or not we’re limiting ourselves. We’re not going to be our most “singular.”


The best version of something isn’t for everyone. If you try to please everybody (which is impossible) you won’t make something as good as it could be.

I needed to hear this.

I struggle with unhealthy competition like you wouldn’t believe. And I love the idea of not limiting yourself and being your most “singular.” Like, when there’s nothing in the way we are capable of creating something so unique and unlike anything else in the world. I want that. I want my work to be singular.


I can’t recommend this podcast episode enough.