Sending out letters

Over the last month I've really started taking pride in the rewards I'm making for my Patreon supporters. At first they were all just afterthoughts, everything was quickly tossed together. They were obligations.

In all honestly, all I really cared about was getting new people signed up. Once they committed to supporting me, I felt like I could ignore them, moving on to someone else who hadn't yet gotten on board.

This mindset sucked.

At $15 a month you get a Patreon exclusive podcast. I've started having a LOT more fun putting those episodes together, making it as entertaining as possible.

The monthly livestream is now a fun creative challenge. How do I keep this interesting every month?!

And today I mailed my handwritten letters. I love the idea of passing along the sweet thank you notes I get every once in a while. Like I say in the video, when they're thanking me, they're also thanking all my Patreon supporters.

Visit my Patreon page.

This is unrelated but I have to mention it. It was not until I looked at the thumbnail for this video JUST NOW that I realized how horrifically crooked all the picture frames are in my parents' office. That looks bonkers.

Starting a Patreon was a LEAP OF FAITH but I'm so glad I took it.