Stand-up Comedy at the Birth of Your Baby


This was a joke I made in my newsletter a few weeks ago but the more I think about it, the funnier it is. I’d really like to do this one day.

Here’s how it would work:

The week you’re expected to give birth I do a house show for you and your friends. A camera crew is traveling with me and they’re filming the whole thing. I’ll also try to book a few other shows and services in the area so I can hang around. That baby could come out at any moment! I’d do comedy in the car with you on the way to hospital (or one of those places where you give birth in a hot tub or where ever you plan on doing this), I’d do comedy while standing in the corner of the delivery room while you’re giving birth (preferably in a corner where I can’t see much), and then I’d do a little bit more when the baby is out.

I think it would be a lot funnier if during the whole birthing process, from the car ride to the end, if I’m mostly just ignored. I’m holding a mic. I’m telling jokes to the camera. All the chaos and drama of child birth is happening in the background as if I’m not there. I think that would be really funny footage.

In one of the videos I made explaining the goals for my Patreon, I talk about comedy specials I’d love to film. I describe two of them and mention a third that I’m not ready to share. This is that idea. I don’t know why I tried to keep it a secret. I feel like if I really want this to happen I need to put it out into the world.

Let me do comedy at the birth of your baby.