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You ever have a friend that you THOUGHT you were doing a good job keeping up with on social media but suddenly you realize you haven’t seen a post from them in a while and when you go check you see, like, they have 3 babies and they moved to another country?

Social media is the worst. There’s no way to control who we see in our feed and it’s so easy to lose people you want to follow.

I’ve got a lot coming out this year and I really want to make sure the people who are interested in are able to see when big things are happening.

I’m writing a book that’ll HOPEFULLY come out this year.

I’ve got a big cool announcement for Texas churches that’ll I’ll HOPEFULLY get to make here soon.

If you want to stay connected and see what’s happening the best way to do that is through my newsletter. Every monday morning I send an email to around 800 people about what I’m up to, links to things I’ve written, and recommendations to other things I think you’ll enjoy.

It’s free. It’s fun. Everyone’s doing it.

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