Stay Off Your Phone for Christmas


This post is a part of CHRISTMAS FOREVER. There are live shows, free content, and several bloggers contributing posts to spread Christmas cheer. You can find all of that here. What if we all put our phones away this Christmas season? I’m not saying throw your phone into the ocean for the month of December. I’m talking about scaling back on time staring at a screen.

If we’re on our phones we miss what’s going on around us and at Christmas time that can mean missing something huge!

What if Ebenezer Scrooge had been on his phone the whole time the three ghosts were trying to change him? What if this is the last Christmas your whole family gets to spend together (zombie outbreak or an alien invasion is just around the corner!)? What if you’re related to George Clooney and you’ll never find out unless you start asking questions at Christmas time?! Get off your phone! George Clooney is at stake!

Here are some other things you might miss…

Scenario One

You’re waiting in line at the mall on your last minute shopping trip.

The moment you pull your phone out to check social media a bald eagle swoops down and snatches a baby.

Everyone is screaming and chasing the baby. People are searching for how the eagle even got in the mall.

The baby’s family is doing everything they can to knock that baby down. They’re throwing shoes, chairs, other babies, etc. Other people are too patriotic and insist on singing God Bless America as they salute the bald eagle.

Eventually the eagle gets tired, drops the baby in the mall Santa’s lap, and flies into Hot Topic to check out the sale they’re having. And you missed all of that because of Twitter.

Scenario Two

It’s Christmas Eve and you’re with your extended family for the traditional Christmas feast.

There’s a pause in the meal while your aunt goes off to the prepare the dessert. You pull out your phone and see that your friend sent you a funny youtube video.

While you’re watching the video with headphones in you completely miss the conversation at the table. Your grandma confesses to being a pirate when she was younger. She tells tales of committing crimes on the high seas, getting stranded on desert islands, fighting ghosts, and befriending a monkey.

Everyone else at the table thinks your grandma has just gone crazy and mistook the Pirates of the Caribbean movies for her real life. But if you had been listening you would have known what she was saying was true.

The last little story she shares is one of buried treasure somewhere in Ohio. She gives the exact location and thinks the treasure could be worth of 5 million dollars. Sadly, no one believes her and you weren’t paying attention and grandpa fell asleep in the yams.

Scenario Three

Your true love is trying to ask you what you want for Christmas but you’re too busy on your phone to answer so he ends up giving you a bunch of pregnant geese who make a disgusting mess on your living room floor. If only you had your phone on Airplane Mode. You could have gotten an iPad or a gift caed to Luby’s.

In Conclusion

There’s so much life to take in. Especially at Christmas. It’s a time to be generous, remember? So be generous with your attention. Look your cousins in the eye. Start a conversation with the weird old man behind you in line at the mall.

Ask your grandpa about what Christmas was like for him as a kid. Spoiler alert: I bet what he tells you is crazy. Stories from older generations are always so bizarre. People used to think smoking was healthy. Little kids probably made snowmen out of gasoline. A memorable Christmas present was a block of wood with a picture of Abraham Lincoln glued to it.

The internet is there for you the other eleven months of the year. Why not try something different this holiday season?