"Summertime '14 Memories" Playlist


SUMMER IS OVER. It’s done. Pack it up. Go back to school. Go back to work. Grab your phone and set an alarm for in the morning. Do you need an hour to get ready when you wake or can you risk thirty minutes? Start asking yourself these questions! How was your summer? Was it pretty great? So so? The worst experience of your life? Were you kicked out of a Six Flags? Did you accidentally burn down a library in your sleep? Did your uncle ruin a pool party by shaving his legs in the hot tub?

Or maybe it was the most incredible summer of your life. Summer lovin’? A summer job where you found life long friends? Did you pretend to drown in the community pool so the hot life guard has to give you mouth to mouth like in The Sandlot? That’s pretty awesome.

Now we’re left with just our memories of these past few months. We have to make sure we never lose them! It’s all we have. The sunscreen, the cannonballs, the Netflix binge, the slumber party for people too old to have slumber parties, etc. School, work, and the rest of the world are all going to try and suck the life and joy out of you and these moments might be the only things to get you through it!

I made you a mix tape.

Technically it’s a Spotify playlist but who cares.

It’s my “Summertime ‘14 Memories” playlist. Is it just Top 40 songs of the summer? No. Is it Fancy by Iggy Azalea 500 times in a row just like the radio? NO!

Old songs, new songs, obscure songs, and some in between. I tried to pick stuff that makes me feel summer-y. It wasn’t about finding lyrics like “Summer is fun because summer summer summer beaches and whatever.” No. It was all about the feeeeels.

I once played this game on a car trip with friends. Play a song and everyone has to describe an experience the song reminds them of. The song doesn’t have to actually be connected to that moment, but the feels of the song bring about the feels of the memory.

When I hear Enchanted by Taylor Swift it makes me think of Jr. High dances.

Specifically, I remember the end of those nights. The last slow song is ending and I’m sitting in the corner, bummed because I was too scared to ask a girl to dance. Taylor Swift reminds me of 8th grade regrets.

My Summertime ’14 Memories playlist isn’t sad like that but it’s all about the feels.

Turn up your speakers and experience it. These are the type of songs I’d play on that spontaneous road trip with the windows down. Songs I’d want as I fall asleep on a beach or quietly crawl into bed at 4 am after sitting in an IHOP booth for, what felt like, 2 days straight. Summer stuff.

I was going to put ABBA’s Dancing Queen in there but I couldn’t think of other songs to fit it in with. Just listen to the song separately at the bottom of the page because it’s so silly, catchy, and great.

A special thanks to David Gomez for introducing me to Shaky Graves. Check out his adventure blog because there’s a lot of cool stuff.

What moments do you think of when you hear these songs? What would you put on your summer playlist? Tell me in the comments. Or tell me I’m a big dumb poop face. I don’t care. Tell me something!

Here. Enjoy this too.