It Feels Like Christmas


“A part of childhood we'll always remember
It is the summer of the soul in December
Yes, when you do your best for love
It feels like Christmas”


I love everything about A Muppet Christmas Carol. I love this song. I love these lyrics. I love how Michael Caine shows Scrooge starting to warm up when he’s around such infectious joy.

It’s true, wherever you find love it feels like Christmas.

Christmas Time in Missouri

2 Christmas Forever shirt image.jpg

Christmas time is here.

Last night I did comedy in Muskogee. Today I drove up to St. Louis to spend Christmas with my family. All of my extended family lives up here we come every year.

Please enjoy this picture from my childhood. I’m the Chinese girl in the middle. Obviously.

Just kidding. Obviously I’m the one with the sweet bowl cut. My sister’s on the left. My cousin is in the middle.

I love Christmas. It’s the one time of year I’m guaranteed to see my extended family. I get to eat my favorite pizza in the world at IMO’s, a Missouri exclusive. And I end up with too many because I don’t know what other gifts to ask for.

SNL Gets Surprisingly Sweet for Christmas

There were two moments that really stood out from this week’s Saturday Night Live. The show got surprisingly sweet. They were able to embrace the warmth and beauty of Christmas without losing laughs.

I think that’s a pretty common fear: you can’t be earnest and still be funny. You’ll sacrifice the jokes if you try to say something meaningful. And that’s not what people want from a comedy show!

But that' doesn’t have to be true! You can laugh at your cake and cry while eating it too.

Obviously I think the pendulum can swing too far in the other direction and you CAN get so wrapped up in making something important that you forget to also make it funny. But this week’s SNL found the perfect mix. It’s not too much. Just two small moments: Matt Damon’s monologue and the end of the Best Christmas digital short.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

I don’t really like the holiday. Last year I wrote about how it sucks. For some reason a ton of people all over the country have been finding that post in the last few weeks. I don’t know how. I don’t know why.

This morning I texted some people why I’m thankful for them in my life. I also tweeted, completely unironically, that I am thankful for Gritty, the new mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers. If you don’t follow him on instagram you’re robbing yourself of a silly amount of joy.

But now the day is done. The song from the SNL skit above is still stuck in my head. Thanksgiving is over.

It’s time to emotionally prepare myself for the beauty of Christmas, the one good holiday.