In the Altogether

45 Terrible Names for My Book


I hate naming stuff. When I was a youth pastor, it was torture for me to come up with a good name for our ministry. If I ever have a child, they’ll probably remain nameless until they’re 3 or 4 because I’ll be unwilling to commit to any one name.

It took me forever to finally decide on a title for my book. I bugged a lot of my friends with text after text of TERRIBLE title ideas. I knew I had to get all the bad ones out of my system if I was ever going to find one I was happy with.

I probably came up with at least 100 words or phrases I thought I could name my book. Here’s a list of 45.

Let me remind you that the book is about vulnerability. Why it’s important in the life of the church, why we’re afraid of it, and why we don’t have to be.

The title I came up with is IN THE ALTOGETHER. If you want to learn more about that, you can download a free preview.

Here are a ton of awful names…

  1. Breaking Open

  2. Sharing Your Life

  3. Show Yourself

  4. Too Human   (as in “we are all too human to try to live without vulnerability”)

  5. Where Hope Finds Us

  6. Honestly

  7. Wrong, Weak, and Worried

  8. Vulnerable Christianity

  9. The Only Way Forward

  10. Can I be Honest

  11. The Lost Art of Weakness

  12. All My Best Secrets

  13. All Our Best Secrets

  14. All Your Best Secrets

  15. Off Limits

  16. Crying is Cool

  17. The Lost Art of Being Human

  18. How to be Human

  19. Give it all You’ve Got

  20. All the Hidden Monsters

  21. How to be Human

  22. Give it all You’ve Got

  23. All the Hidden Monsters

  24. Can I be Honest?

  25. Full of It

  26. Running From Yourself

  27. Wrapped in Words

  28. Putting it all out there

  29. Putting it out there

  30. No Holding Back

  31. Hello to all our secrets

  32. What’s Left Unsaid

  33. So much to say

  34. Close Enough

  35. Wasted Grace

  36. In Defense of Staying Weak

  37. In Defense of Staying Human

  38. Don’t Go Alone

  39. You’re Not Brave, You’re Stupid

  40. Open

  41. Weak

  42. Bare

  43. Known

  44. Share

  45. Bumbling

Unboxing Test Printing of My Book


Because I’m self publishing my book I have to figure out all the ins and outs of formatting a manuscript for print. Right after I finished my 4th draft I put together a test copy with one of my incomplete drafts just to so what it would look like.

I did a livestream of myself unboxing it. It feels so crazy to say I wrote a book.

Read a free preview of it!

Everyone Apologizes, Even Mister Rogers

In my new book, In the Altogether, I spend a chapter looking at situations we all find ourselves in that require vulnerability. Some times they conversation around the topic can be too general and vague so I wanted to zoom in get specific.

Here are the 5 common vulnerable moments: being wrong, apologizing, confrontation, when it feels like your life is falling apart, and sharing your dreams for the future.

Everyone is wrong some times, everyone has moments where they need to confront someone, everyone faces tragedies, everyone thinks about their future, and everyone needs to apologize from time to time…EVEN MISTER ROGERS!

I love this clip I found the other day of Mister Rogers describing a time when he felt the need to say I’m sorry. What a relief to know that even Mister Rogers can let his frustrations get the better of him. And what a beautiful encouragement to hear him describe how quickly he realized he was in the wrong and apologize. I want to be more like him.

Free Book Preview


Go to to get a free preview of my book!

Read the introduction and find out about my book tour in the fall. I want to come to your church.

Go to the site, click the button, put in your email address, check your inbox, read the preview, get excited, tell your friends, shave your head, ride a horse, wait for the pre-order to be available, pre-order it, wait for the book, tell more friends, ride another horse, read the book, bring me to your church!


It feels so crazy that I finally get to share this with people. All year I’ve been locked in my apartment writing day and night. But now it’s time to share. That’s insane.