Josh Shipp

If One Caring Adult Believes in You


The other day I read a Twitter thread from  Joy Beth Smith that was really exceptional and eye opening. It all started because of tweet from BBC.

Smith used this proverb to talk about the problem of neglect.

All it takes is "just one caring adult."

That's also the main theme of motivational speaker, Josh Shipp. One caring adult can make all the difference in a kid's life.

Joy Beth Smith ended her thread talking about the one caring adult in her life.

Usually I try to avoid reading random responses to a tweet I like because it’s all usually horrible hateful garbage but I’m glad I did this time! I got to see this perfect exchange.

I love love love love love the line “To feel so loved when you have so little to offer is a gift.”

I’m pretty sure I was the worst when I was a kid. I had no filter, I’d cling to anyone who gave me attention, and I could never calm down. It was easy to have friends my age because everyone else was just as annoying. But when I think about the fact that grown adults CHOSE to spend time with me, listen to me, and really take an interest in me, I AM SHOCKED. I had nothing to offer them in return and yet they still loved me. It really was a gift.

And now I want to be more mindful and more willing to give that gift to others.

It reminds me of a song from The Muppets (everyone reminds me of a song from The Muppets) called JUST ONE PERSON.


If just one person believes in you
Deep enough, and strong enough
Believes in you

Hard enough
And long enough
Before you know it
Someone else would think
"If he can do it, I can do it"

Making it
Two whole people who believe in you
Deep enough
And strong enough
Believe in you
Hard enough
And long enough
There's bound to be some
Other person who believes in
Making it a threesome
Making it three
People you can say
Believe in me

And if three whole people
Why not four?
And if four whole people
Why not more
And more
And more

And when all those people
Believe in you
Deep enough
And strong enough
Believe in you
Hard enough
And long enough
It stands to reason
You yourself will start to see
What everybody sees in you
And maybe even you
(maybe even you)
Can believe in you, too