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How can you use a comedian at your church?


At the beginning of December I did a 3 night outreach event in Little Rock. Preaching, training, and a big fun comedy show.

There's all kinds of events we can do together in your community.

I redesigned my website last month and added a page with different types of events I’ve done in the past for churches. You can click each one and get more info.

What does it look if you have me do comedy for a banquet? It tells ya!

Can he preach on a Sunday morning? It tells you that too!

Will he perform comedy at the birth of my child? That’s not listed on the page, but as I’ve said before YES.

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3 Night Comedy Event in Little Rock

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I’m speaking in Little Rock tonight through Friday. Crystal Hills Assembly of God is hosting my 3 night outreach events (I need to come up with a good name for this thing).

Tonight I preached on confession.

Tomorrow night I’ll do a very simple training on how to handle conversations on confession.

Friday night is a big fun comedy show that ends with a message. It’s the perfect event to bring friends and family who might not normally attend your church.

I really love getting to do the 3 night event. It gives me the chance to really connect with and invest in the church where I’m performing. Tonight was all about sharing the heart behind the outreach and getting people excited about inviting their friends. Tomorrow night we’ll equip the church to be prepared for the response that could happen, and it’s all leading up to Friday.

It’s the best. I say it a lot but I really think it’s the most effective way to use comedy as a ministry in the local church.

Want to bring this to your church in 2019? Contact me.