School Assemblies are exhausting


School assemblies are so much work. Last Wednesday we were at the first school at 7:45 am. We set up and tore down our equipment 4 times that day at 3 different schools (we came back to the first school for the night service).

I’m always so tired and drained by the time we’re packed up and heading home at night. But it’s so worth. Every time we do a night service at a school I end up getting to have at least one incredible conversation with a student. It’s different every time but they’re all so beautiful. Some times they want to accept Christ, other times they need to talk about a struggle they’ve been afraid to open up about. This last week I had one that was totally different from any I’ve had before.

I’m going to tell that story on a special livestream I’m hosting Thursday night for my Patreon supporters. If you want to hear it, sign up at the lowest level and you can join us!

Another Hot One for Patreon

I done did it again. At the beginning of October I ate a very spicy wing while trying to talk about my Patreon, and the results were very embarrassing.

This time I asked my friend and former youth pastor Glyndon Greer to join me! I tried to warn him about how bad it would. I TRIED to get him to only take one bite. But the man just wouldn’t listen.

There was too much great footage to pack into one video. One of the side effects I did not expect from this trip to Spicy Town was that both of us LOST OUR MINDS. It’s like we got drunk on wings or something. We were delirious. I edited together a little bonus video of us at our loopiest.

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Scratching the Surface


I have learned so much about confession over the last few years. Some times when I speak at a church I get frustrated because of all the stuff I have to cut out so I don’t talk for 6 hours straight. I barely get to scratch the surface. That’s why I’m excited to create resources that can continue the conversation long after I’m gone and I’ll be able to do that with the help of your support through Patreon.


These are the notebooks I’ve been filling with everything I want to share.

At the beginning of last year I started getting lunch with pastors and counselors to ask a million questions (a few months ago I saw a tweet making fun of the fact that white bros love saying “I want to pick your brain” so I’m trying to avoid that term here), and after every lunch I’d immediately write down everything I could remember from the conversation.

It’s been cool to develop my teachings on confession and putting what I’ve learned into my own words. I can’t wait for this to turn into a book. I wish it would do that magically on its own without me having to do any work. I wish.

Patreon isn’t magic but it’ll help make this possible.

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This is What My Face Looks Like


The month is almost over. This is what my face looks like right now. I’ve gone this whole month without shaving in order to trick people into paying attention to my Patreon.

People think I’m lying when I say I really don’t like my facial hair. They think I’m fishing for compliments. Well, I hate fishing. Some times I forget I have it and I get all startled when I look in the mirror. This month I’m turning into Mulan. I’m counting the days until I can shave, asking myself “when will my reflection show who I am?!”

One more week of this.

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Stand-up Comedy at the Birth of Your Baby


This was a joke I made in my newsletter a few weeks ago but the more I think about it, the funnier it is. I’d really like to do this one day.

Here’s how it would work:

The week you’re expected to give birth I do a house show for you and your friends. A camera crew is traveling with me and they’re filming the whole thing. I’ll also try to book a few other shows and services in the area so I can hang around. That baby could come out at any moment! I’d do comedy in the car with you on the way to hospital (or one of those places where you give birth in a hot tub or where ever you plan on doing this), I’d do comedy while standing in the corner of the delivery room while you’re giving birth (preferably in a corner where I can’t see much), and then I’d do a little bit more when the baby is out.

I think it would be a lot funnier if during the whole birthing process, from the car ride to the end, if I’m mostly just ignored. I’m holding a mic. I’m telling jokes to the camera. All the chaos and drama of child birth is happening in the background as if I’m not there. I think that would be really funny footage.

In one of the videos I made explaining the goals for my Patreon, I talk about comedy specials I’d love to film. I describe two of them and mention a third that I’m not ready to share. This is that idea. I don’t know why I tried to keep it a secret. I feel like if I really want this to happen I need to put it out into the world.

Let me do comedy at the birth of your baby.

Very Real and Exciting Goals

This month I’m talking a lot about my Patreon. I keep saying that your support will go toward the creation of resources that reach far beyond my live shows.

I feel like I’ve been way too vague about what exactly those resources will be. Well, NOT ANY MORE! I recorded videos explaining the different projects I’m excited to make.

I can’t do them all at once so I laid out some goals on my Patreon. Every time I hit a new goal, I’ll be able to work on a new project.

Learn more about each goal:

Leaving New Mexico

First of all, look at the awful thumbnail Facebook chose for this video. Come on, guys.

My weekend in New Mexico was one of the best trips all year. The only part that sucked was when I had to leave.

There’s this old joke about evangelists that they blow in to town, blow everything up, and leave the pastor to clean up the mess (I’m sure there’s more to the joke than that). When I first started ending my shows with a message on confession, I made that same mistake. I remember a few times (years ago) I didn’t even warn the pastor ahead of time. I just dived right in. I asked all the leaders to come down to the front because we were about to have a response time. All of them had this look like “uhhh, I’m not ready for this!” Kids would find a leader, pour their heart out, and the leader would have to figure out what to do next.

I don’t do that anymore. Now when I speak in churches I’ll either train leaders on a separate night or I’ll at least meet with them before service starts.

But I know there’s still more I can do to equip churches to handle those difficult conversation. Not only that, I want to create resources for those who are opening up for the first time. What’s supposed to happen next? Confession is never the end of the journey. It’s only the first step.

That’s what my Patreon is to help support.

In 2019 I want to start putting out podcasts, books, and video training that can help churches create a culture of confession.

A Hot One For Patreon

I wanted to make sure I didn’t become boring and repetitive with all my posts about my Patreon this month.

One idea was sit down with a friend, eat an incredibly spicy wing, and then try to pitch why people should support me. I had seen this certain hot sauce on Hot Ones for the last several years. Every time a celebrity ate a wing with this sauce they always commented on how it was the worst. I knew it would suck the most and be the make for the best footage.

I was nervous to do this but I also didn’t know what to expect at all. The intensity really caught me off guard. My brain went in to panic mode. It hurt to breathe so my brain started shouting “YOU’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO BREATHE AGAIN! YOU’RE GOING TO DIE!”

Isaac makes me look like a real wimp. I wish I could be cool like him.

The hot sauce we used is Da Bomb Beyond Insanity. It's 135,600 Scovilles (heat measurement). To put that in perspective, tabasco sauce is only 3,750.

Please, dear God, check out my Patreon and consider supporting what I’m doing.

Sending out letters

Over the last month I've really started taking pride in the rewards I'm making for my Patreon supporters. At first they were all just afterthoughts, everything was quickly tossed together. They were obligations.

In all honestly, all I really cared about was getting new people signed up. Once they committed to supporting me, I felt like I could ignore them, moving on to someone else who hadn't yet gotten on board.

This mindset sucked.

At $15 a month you get a Patreon exclusive podcast. I've started having a LOT more fun putting those episodes together, making it as entertaining as possible.

The monthly livestream is now a fun creative challenge. How do I keep this interesting every month?!

And today I mailed my handwritten letters. I love the idea of passing along the sweet thank you notes I get every once in a while. Like I say in the video, when they're thanking me, they're also thanking all my Patreon supporters.

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This is unrelated but I have to mention it. It was not until I looked at the thumbnail for this video JUST NOW that I realized how horrifically crooked all the picture frames are in my parents' office. That looks bonkers.

Starting a Patreon was a LEAP OF FAITH but I'm so glad I took it.