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Unboxing Test Printing of My Book


Because I’m self publishing my book I have to figure out all the ins and outs of formatting a manuscript for print. Right after I finished my 4th draft I put together a test copy with one of my incomplete drafts just to so what it would look like.

I did a livestream of myself unboxing it. It feels so crazy to say I wrote a book.

Read a free preview of it!

Free Book Preview


Go to to get a free preview of my book!

Read the introduction and find out about my book tour in the fall. I want to come to your church.

Go to the site, click the button, put in your email address, check your inbox, read the preview, get excited, tell your friends, shave your head, ride a horse, wait for the pre-order to be available, pre-order it, wait for the book, tell more friends, ride another horse, read the book, bring me to your church!


It feels so crazy that I finally get to share this with people. All year I’ve been locked in my apartment writing day and night. But now it’s time to share. That’s insane.