Bizarre Chiropractic Videos on Youtube


I watched ONE chiropractic video on Youtube and now my homepage is full of nightmares like this terrifying thumbnail.

Ok I lied. I watched more than one. I watched a few. Did you know fans of chiropractic videos are called crack addicts? The doctors will turn to the camera and say “crack addicts are going to love this patient” and then proceed to snap the person in half.

While it is very satisfying to hear the human back pop like bubble wrap I don’t think I feel comfortable becoming a crack addict.

This is the video that started me down the rabbit hole. The cracking starts at 7:05.

I also feel like I need to point out that I’m supposed to be writing the 3rd draft of my book today. Instead I’m learning about crack addicts.


It’s the next day and this is what I’ve been confronted with. The madness must be stopped.