The Full Focus Planner Changed My Life


I am not the kind of person to talk about productivity, setting goals, being organized, and planning ahead. You’re more likely to hear me speak on things I’m an actual expert in: “how to poop your pants without anyone noticing.”

My friend Matt and I often talk about how whatever got you where you are now probably isn’t going to be what gets you to where you want to go next. In the church world what got you from 500 members to 1000 isn’t going to be what gets you from 1000 to 2000. There will need to be changes in your approach, communication, leadership structure, and more. If you want to be able to handle that growth you’ll need to change things around.

I’ve been really afraid of that in my life. I wanted to move on to “the next level” in my traveling and speaking but I wasn't doing anything differently to get there. I was still doing things exactly how I did them when I first started traveling full time.

That was a problem.

I needed to be willing to try something new. So I got Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner.

I feel ridiculous talking about it but it has legitimately changed my life. On my own I’m terrible at staying motivated and following through with goals. This thing has held my hand through the last few months and helped me stay on the path I’ve wanted to walk down for a long time. It always seemed impossible to walk it when I was on my own, but, man, Hyatt made the perfect guide.

Without this planner I wouldn’t have posted a blog every day for 90 days. I wouldn’t be writing a book. I wouldn’t be going to Disney World in September. I wouldn’t be as consistent as I am now with my Bible and prayer time.

It’s worth it.

P.S. I wasn’t, like, paid to write this. I know it sounds like a commercial but this is how I really feel. I WISH this was a commercial. I’d love to get paid to talk about the things I’m already doing. Pay me to talk about cookie cakes or naps.

42,951 Words Remaining


My goal is to finish the first draft of my book by January 31. I’ve been taking notes and writing little thoughts for a long time now but I thought I needed to finally commit to this thing and jump right in.

Wade Bearden told me the first draft of his book, Failing Faith,  was around 45,000 words, so I decided to use that as the target for mine.

I officially started tonight. The goal was to write 2,000 words before going to bed. I’m at 2,049. I’ve got 42,951 to go. 

New Year, Better Goals


I love the end of December. We get Christmas, my birthday (selfish), and New Year’s.

Today starts the brief window of about one to two weeks of everybody at their most optimistic. It never lasts but at least we get to see people setting goals, dreaming big, believing in themselves, and hoping for change. You get a peek into who they want to be. After the first few weeks of January people usually hide that part away from the public again. We get embarrassed because we've already slipped up on our plans so we might as well give up all together. We feel stupid for even trying. Shut it down.

I really hope I don't fall into the same pattern. I've done it before. I have the capacity to do it again.

I started using Michael Hyatt's Full Focus Planner at the beginning of December and I really hope it can help stay on track. It's really dragging me out of my comfort zone. No one has ever accused me of being organized. It's all very new and strange for me to even attempt this. I had to watch 11 training videos to learn how to use this planner.

My favorite aspect of the planner is how you set goals. You’re supposed to make them big and risky. Clearly define them. I’ve seen a lot of people on instagram with resolutions like “be better with money” or “be less stressed.” What does that even mean? It’s so vague and forgettable. How are you going to measure it?

It’s all about SMART goals, baby! Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant (or risky), and time-bound. Give it a deadline!

After you’ve figured out what your goals are, the planner has a space for you to write out WHY the goal is important to you and you designate a REWARD for when you finish it. I love that. That why is going to keep you motivated and if that doesn’t work you can remind yourself of that sweet present you’re going to give yourself when you finally complete the goal.

I’ve got my goals all figured out. I’m excited for 2019. Big things are coming.