Favorite Podcasts of 2018


I listen to a lot of podcasts. In the last year and a half I’ve listened to approximately 500 hours of podcasts (the app I use keeps track).

I’m not going to give the whole list of all the ones I listen to. There are a lot I don’t keep up with week to week. I might check in whenever there’s a guest I want to hear. The other shows I listen to because I just always have. It’s comfort food.

Here are the podcasts that I’m currently obsessed with. These are the ones I go nuts for every time there’s a new episode.

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

This show is fairly new but I’m already a huge fan. Conan interviews celebrities, asking why they’re not friends in real life. He is effortlessly funny in conversation, and it’s even better when the guest makes Conan laugh. It’s really great.


This show is not for everyone. It’s on the list but don’t think this is me recommending it to you. I don’t want you to listen and then get mad at me because you don’t find it funny. It’s dumb. It’s pointless. They can be really vulgar. I’m sorry. I don’t know why I love this show so much. According to Stitcher (the app I use to listen to podcasts) in the last 90 days I’ve listened to 56 hours of this show. Good lord.

Every episode the two hosts bring a guest along to review a chain restaurant. You want to listen to 2 hours of comedians talking about Papa John’s? Well, apparently I do. I want to listen to it all the time.

I don’t get it either.

Reply All

I recommend this show! I recommend it the most! LISTEN TO THIS ONE!

It’s a show about the internet. That’s how they describe it. It’s a narrative journalism series (like This American Life or Serial) where the hosts dive into the most bizarre and fascinating stories in different corners of the internet.

You ever get one of those scam phone calls where they tell your computer has a virus and they need to fix it? Want to know more about the company that makes those calls? Want to hear the host continuously call that company until he builds a surprising relationship with one of the men working for the scam? Well, good because that’s the best episode the show has done. It’s called Long Distance and you should listen right now.


The same podcast company that produces Reply All also does this one.

The host, Jonathan Goldstein, helps people fix mistakes and regrets from their path. That one moment that changed everything in their life, Jonathan wants to help make it right. It’s funny. It’s touching. It’s always surprising.

Start with the episode “Rob.”

I’m starting to work on my own podcast and it’s really starting to scare me. I love podcasts so much. I know what it sounds like when they’re really great. I know the potential that’s there. How could I ever create something as good as the shows that I love? It can be daunting. Ira Glass’ advice is to just keep trying. Keep working. That’s the only way to close the gap between what you love and what you’re making.

So I guess I should just do that.