hot wings

Another Hot One for Patreon

I done did it again. At the beginning of October I ate a very spicy wing while trying to talk about my Patreon, and the results were very embarrassing.

This time I asked my friend and former youth pastor Glyndon Greer to join me! I tried to warn him about how bad it would. I TRIED to get him to only take one bite. But the man just wouldn’t listen.

There was too much great footage to pack into one video. One of the side effects I did not expect from this trip to Spicy Town was that both of us LOST OUR MINDS. It’s like we got drunk on wings or something. We were delirious. I edited together a little bonus video of us at our loopiest.

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A Hot One For Patreon

I wanted to make sure I didn’t become boring and repetitive with all my posts about my Patreon this month.

One idea was sit down with a friend, eat an incredibly spicy wing, and then try to pitch why people should support me. I had seen this certain hot sauce on Hot Ones for the last several years. Every time a celebrity ate a wing with this sauce they always commented on how it was the worst. I knew it would suck the most and be the make for the best footage.

I was nervous to do this but I also didn’t know what to expect at all. The intensity really caught me off guard. My brain went in to panic mode. It hurt to breathe so my brain started shouting “YOU’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO BREATHE AGAIN! YOU’RE GOING TO DIE!”

Isaac makes me look like a real wimp. I wish I could be cool like him.

The hot sauce we used is Da Bomb Beyond Insanity. It's 135,600 Scovilles (heat measurement). To put that in perspective, tabasco sauce is only 3,750.

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