leap of faith

Leap of Faith

I really loved this short documentary from the New York Times where they just filmed people about to jump off a 10 meter diving board. It’s so simple but it’s FASCINATING and funny and heart warming.

Some people overcame their fears, some chickened out, and one guy kept telling his girlfriend that he wasn’t listening to a word she was saying because he was so scared.

I don’t know if I’d be able to do it.

I’m so scared of heights.

The moment I got up there I'd have to immediately jump off. No pausing, no looking over the edge first, and no hesitating. If I were to hesitate even for just a moment, I’d be stuck up there forever. End of story.

You even see this happen to a few people in the video. They’re ready to do it until that brief flash of doubt, and then it takes them a long time to work up the courage again.

A few years ago I made a video about this VERY SUBJECT.

I used it as an illustration. I was talking about how the moment you decide you need to do something, do it right then and there. Don’t hesitate. You’ll get nervous and talk yourself out of it.  Like the moment you know you need to end a relationship, confront that friend, ask for help, apply for that job, have that tough conversation, etc etc etc. I couldn’t think of anymore examples.

I hope it's obvious I'm not saying "DON'T EVER THINK ABOUT STUFF! MAKE EVERY DECISION IMMEDIATELY! FOLLOW YOUR FIRST INSTINCT NO MATTER WHAT! SET STUFF ON FIRE IF YOU FEEL LIKE IT!" I'm talking about those moments where you've already made up your mind, you've thought about it, and you're confident you know what the right thing to do is BUT it still feels scary to actually step out and do it.

My goal in life is to close the gap between when God tells me to do something and when I actually do it. I get nervous. I try to talk myself out of big steps of faith. I hesitate and then it takes a while to get that courage back and actually jump.

This week I “jumped” into a new season of ministry. I set up a Patreon to raise monthly support so I can continue performing in churches and school assemblies without having to be a huge financial burden on the churches wanting to bring me in. I’ve been standing at the edge, hesitating on this for several months now. I wasn’t going to jump but God gave me a push. I found out the van I had been traveling had a busted engine, and the whole vehicle was ruined.

That made me jump.

I’m still in the air. Don’t know where I’m landing.

But I’m glad I jumped.