Fields of Faith in Oklahoma

Me, bugging the kids from Teens for Christ

Me, bugging the kids from Teens for Christ

Just got back home from Warner, OK where I got to be a part of a Fields of Faith event last night.

Yesterday afternoon I spoke to the Teens for Christ groups for the jr high and high school. With the high school students I mostly just asked them about AR points (accelerated reader). Apparently AR rules your life, even in high school. I only had to do it in 5th and 6th grade, but I WISH I had it in high school.

I loved AR.

I was never physically active so I didn’t have an outlet for my competitive nature until I found out there was a system where you earned points for reading books and the highest earners won a pizza party. I always ended up in the top 5 (not to brag).

I wish there were AR points for adults. I’d read so many more books if it was a competition. I guess that’s why I like the GoodReads app. It’s as close as I can get.

Am I preaching or am I trying to get a mosh pit started?

Am I preaching or am I trying to get a mosh pit started?

That night we had a youth service on the football field. Over 180 students showed up. If you knew how tiny the town of Warner was, you’d be blown away by that number. The school’s cafeteria is smaller than my local Chipotle.

I preached on CHANGE. Change is possible in Christ. The whole point of Jesus’ life and death is to bring miraculous change to every area of our lives. If we don’t believe that change is possible, then we see know reason to open up about what’s going on in our lives. A lot of what I spoke on came from the second chapter of my book (In the Altogether, get it on Amazon now!).

Great trip. I love visiting Warner and spending time with Blaine, the youth pastor for First Baptist.