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In the Altogether has been out for a little less than a month but I know I still have a lot of people in my life who still haven’t picked it up. There’s no better time than RIGHT NOW!

Today is the day!

Carpe my book!

Also, I know I could add a custom thumbnail but I kind of like how horrible it looks with frame Facebook chose for me. I look like I should be squawking like The Penguin.


Disney's Insane Rejected Dwarf Names

I listened to the audiobook for Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination and I really loved it. Great biography. In it I learned about all the names they were considering for the seven dwarfs in Snow White. I'm so glad they didn't choose these.

I know this is not a complete list. I cut the video down to focus on the weirdest ones. Here's the complete list.

I know this video is ridiculous and there's no real target audience, BUT I had to talk about this.

Bizarre Chiropractic Videos on Youtube


I watched ONE chiropractic video on Youtube and now my homepage is full of nightmares like this terrifying thumbnail.

Ok I lied. I watched more than one. I watched a few. Did you know fans of chiropractic videos are called crack addicts? The doctors will turn to the camera and say “crack addicts are going to love this patient” and then proceed to snap the person in half.

While it is very satisfying to hear the human back pop like bubble wrap I don’t think I feel comfortable becoming a crack addict.

This is the video that started me down the rabbit hole. The cracking starts at 7:05.

I also feel like I need to point out that I’m supposed to be writing the 3rd draft of my book today. Instead I’m learning about crack addicts.


It’s the next day and this is what I’ve been confronted with. The madness must be stopped.


Worst Experience in a School Assembly

People always want to hear horror stories from the road. They want to know about my worst experience on stage. I tell this story in my shows now (it’s what I use to transition to the message at the end), and I wanted to post this as proof that it really did happened. And we really were on the news.

I was so nervous when I first started telling this story on stage. I wanted to make sure it was clear that the joke wasn’t the fact that the teacher said this horrible thing. The joke is how none of us knew what to do. We were in shock. The actually assembly hadn’t even started yet. How do you move on after that?!

It was the craziest.

If you want to hear the whole story and find out how this ties to message, I guess you’ve got to see me live.

Very Real and Exciting Goals

This month I’m talking a lot about my Patreon. I keep saying that your support will go toward the creation of resources that reach far beyond my live shows.

I feel like I’ve been way too vague about what exactly those resources will be. Well, NOT ANY MORE! I recorded videos explaining the different projects I’m excited to make.

I can’t do them all at once so I laid out some goals on my Patreon. Every time I hit a new goal, I’ll be able to work on a new project.

Learn more about each goal:

Leaving New Mexico

First of all, look at the awful thumbnail Facebook chose for this video. Come on, guys.

My weekend in New Mexico was one of the best trips all year. The only part that sucked was when I had to leave.

There’s this old joke about evangelists that they blow in to town, blow everything up, and leave the pastor to clean up the mess (I’m sure there’s more to the joke than that). When I first started ending my shows with a message on confession, I made that same mistake. I remember a few times (years ago) I didn’t even warn the pastor ahead of time. I just dived right in. I asked all the leaders to come down to the front because we were about to have a response time. All of them had this look like “uhhh, I’m not ready for this!” Kids would find a leader, pour their heart out, and the leader would have to figure out what to do next.

I don’t do that anymore. Now when I speak in churches I’ll either train leaders on a separate night or I’ll at least meet with them before service starts.

But I know there’s still more I can do to equip churches to handle those difficult conversation. Not only that, I want to create resources for those who are opening up for the first time. What’s supposed to happen next? Confession is never the end of the journey. It’s only the first step.

That’s what my Patreon is to help support.

In 2019 I want to start putting out podcasts, books, and video training that can help churches create a culture of confession.

A Hot One For Patreon

I wanted to make sure I didn’t become boring and repetitive with all my posts about my Patreon this month.

One idea was sit down with a friend, eat an incredibly spicy wing, and then try to pitch why people should support me. I had seen this certain hot sauce on Hot Ones for the last several years. Every time a celebrity ate a wing with this sauce they always commented on how it was the worst. I knew it would suck the most and be the make for the best footage.

I was nervous to do this but I also didn’t know what to expect at all. The intensity really caught me off guard. My brain went in to panic mode. It hurt to breathe so my brain started shouting “YOU’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO BREATHE AGAIN! YOU’RE GOING TO DIE!”

Isaac makes me look like a real wimp. I wish I could be cool like him.

The hot sauce we used is Da Bomb Beyond Insanity. It's 135,600 Scovilles (heat measurement). To put that in perspective, tabasco sauce is only 3,750.

Please, dear God, check out my Patreon and consider supporting what I’m doing.