Taylor Johnson on Youtube


Here are a few things that have happened in my life that I may have forgotten to tell you about:

  1. I bought a minivan.
  2. I crashed that minivan and had to buy another one a month later.
  3. I started traveling full time with my minivan. Some nights I even camp out in it.
  4. I was bit by a vampire and so now I’m a vampire myself.
  5. I started a Youtube Channel.

One of those things is not true. I wish it was the part about crashing my first minivan. I’d take being a vampire over that any day. But let’s not focus on that.

I really just wanted to tell you about the Youtube Channel. It’s me in my van telling stories and sweating a lot.

It’s like my stand-up except in shorter bites and you can watch it anywhere.

There’s a new video every Tuesday & Friday. If you like what you see and you want to stay caught up, you should totally go to the channel and SUBSCRIBE. That would be neat.