Things Got Awkward with a Magician


I spent the last two days at youth ministry conference trying to convince youth pastors that I’m funny and they should use me at their church. I had my own little booth and brochures and everything. Very fancy.

There was also a magician who had a booth on the other side of the expo center and I was too nervous to talk to him. I think my magic is really cool and I was afraid I’d come off too strong and scare him.

I’ve watched hours of clips from Penn & Teller’s show FOOL US on youtube. This clip is probably my all time favorite because of how mad Penn gets when he realizes how freaking good the magic trick was.

There are also two really great magic related documentaries on Netlfix.

Make Believe follows several teen magicians as they enter in a worldwide magic competition. It feels like some of the kids were created by the writers of The Office. But they’re real. It’s fascinating. It’s funny. For some reason I couldn’t stop yelling at my tv.

An Honest Liar is about The Amazing Randi, a magician turned skeptic who debunked psychics, healers, and televangelist who claimed to perform miracles but were actually frauds. This is also great but for totally different reasons.

So anyways, I’m at this conference avoiding the magician until the last day as everything is shutting down. He walks by my booth, I try to ask a genuine question, and I guess he thought I was making fun of him because it got real weird real fast.

I’m so sorry, magician man.