What Does Your Day Look Like?

Last night I watched this interview Stephen Colbert did with the New York Times. The first question he gets asked is about what a typical day looks like now that he’s on the Late Show and Colbert spends a good 10 to 15 minutes answering. It’s the best. I love it.

Colbert loves process. He’s thoughtful and purposeful with every part of the day. There’s a reason behind it all. It’s like he streamlined every moment so he could have the perfect schedule to make his show the best it can be. That’s so cool.

I want to be that thought out. I want to be that purposeful. I’m not. Not at all.

Part of my daily routine: “Then I sit on the toilet 10 minutes longer than I needed to because I'm looking up friends from jr high on Facebook."

Routine is a hard thing to start. But when I hear Colbert talk about it and when I see the fruit of his routine, I know it’s worth it.

Part of my daily routine: "Spend an hour laying on the couch trying to think of a second 'part of my routine' joke but come up with nothing."

If you like hearing about this kind of stuff too, you should check out the podcast WORKING. each week the host would interview someone with an interesting job and just ask them “what’s an average day of work like for you?” That’s it. And then the doctor/principal/White House staff would take them step by step through the day. And it was FASCINATING! Stephen Colbert was actually the first guest on that show. Great episode.

If you’re a pastor and you’re trying to figure out what routines and schedules you need to put in place to help you plan and promote your big events…

Here’s a 90 Day Event Planning Schedule.